Tri-Valley SOCKs (Stepping Out for Cancer Kures)
Help us to fund a cure!
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How much do I need to raise?
We ask that each walker bring in at least $200 in pledges. Please see our fundraising tips and online pledge page instructions for helpful ideas on reaching that goal and surpassing it! 

​Who do donors make the checks out to?
Checks should be made out to Tri-Valley SOCKs.

Who do I mail the donations to?
Tri-Valley SOCKs
P.O. Box 1196
Livermore, CA 94551

What is the the Tri-Valley SOCKs Tax ID? 
Tax ID 20-2395367

​A friend made an online pledge, but I don't see it on my pledge page. What do I do?
Please send an email to [email protected]. Include friend's name and your name so we can investigate.

What happens if I don’t raise the $200 minimum pledge amount by walk night?
To be eligible to walk, a walker will need to have reached his/her $200 minimum donation goal by walk night. As an alternative, a walker may self-pledge any remaining amount of their goal with a personal credit card on walk night. A walker will still have a few weeks to reach his/her goal after the walk. The walker’s credit card will not be charged until the middle of June (usually by June 15th) to allow the walker time to continue fundraising.  

What is the difference between an Event Partner and a Sponsor?
An Event Partner is a corporate or business organization or other entity that donates money, goods or services to Tri-Valley SOCKs’ in return for predefined benefits from the event, which may include a level of recognition, a presence during walk registration, etc. Money received from a Partner goes into the general fund first to cover overhead costs of putting on the walk, such as: advertising, insurance, permits, etc. Tri-Valley SOCKs goal is to limit the event cost/budget to be less than or equal to these funds. Any residual funds remaining in the General Fund after all event bills are covered will be passed on to beneficiaries at the Board's discretion. Goods or services donated for the event will receive predefined benefits based upon the fair market value. These goods or services are used for the walk operations, finishers’ party, goody bags, etc., as agreed to by the walk directors or their delegates.  

A Sponsor donates directly to a walker to assist him/her in reaching his/her minimum $200.00 fundraising goal. They “sponsor” the walker. The Tri-Valley SOCKs goal is to pass 100% of these dollars to our chosen beneficiaries. 

What if it rains?
The walk will still happen, bring an umbrella or poncho.

Where does the money go?
Please see the beneficiaries page for this information.

Are strollers and babies allowed on the walk?
Unfortunately, we can’t allow strollers and babies on the walk. Besides keeping our insurance company happy, this is a nighttime walk and the sidewalks get rather crowded with walkers. Adding strollers and babies to the mix will make it harder to navigate safely. Thank you for your understanding and in helping us to make this a safe and fun walk for all! 

Are Dogs welcome at the Bras for the Cause Breast Cancer walk?
We understand that many of our Walkers (including many of our members) have animals that they would like to have participate in the Bras for the Cause walk. We must request that these special members of your family remain at home. As our walk is nighttime and not all walkers appreciate our pets, we are requesting a no pet walk. We hope you understand and respect this decision. 

What does the finisher's t-shirt look like? (Shirt design may be subject to redesign, but will be similar to below.)

Do I have to wear a bra?
Well, it wouldn't be a "bra walk" without one, would it? Please feel free to wear your bra over your t-shirt or camisole or tank top, if you are more comfortable that way. 

And, gentlemen, as we are an equal opportunity event, you get to share in the spirit of the walk by wearing one, too. 

What if I get tired and can't finish?
Most people can walk for a few hours at a time. If you find that you can't finish, for any reason, we have sweep vans that will pick you up and take you back to the finish of the walk. ​

Can I get a refund on my registration if I can't attend the walk?
Sorry, since this is a charity event, we can't refund your registration. ​

​Who can attend the walk?
Women and men aged 18 or over. Kids 12 and over area allowed to register with a registered adult, as well. Sorry, no strollers, dogs, or small children. We want everyone to be safe!

Do I need to train?
We always encourage folks to be fit and prepared. Look at training as an opportunity to get some fresh air and do something great for your body!

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)