Tri-Valley SOCKs (Stepping Out for Cancer Kures)
Help us to fund a cure!
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Fundraising Tips
Raising a minimum of $200 is not as scary as you think!!! Please check out our newest fundraising video that contains some great and inspirational tips from some of our past walkers:  FUNDRAISING TIPS

In the Bay Area, the statistics for breast cancer are alarmingly high. Unfortunately, you will find it difficult to find someone who hasn't been touched by this terrible disease in some way. Many people are deeply grateful to be able to give in memory of a lost loved one or to honor the courage and spirit of a survivor.

Who do donors make checks out to?
While we prefer you to use an online pledge page, checks should be make to Tri-Valley SOCKs.  You can mail them in or bring them to check-in.

Do I mail the checks in or keep them until the night of the event?
If you are competing in the top fundraiser contest, please mail the checks in.  We need to receive them a week before the walk to have them count toward your total.  Otherwise, if it's easier, just bring your checks the night of the event and we'll collect them for you.

Where do I mail the donations to? 
Tri-Valley SOCKs
P.O. Box 1196
Livermore, CA 94551

Where can I download a donation form?
Click here to download a donation form.

To achieve your minimum of $200 in pledges you can:

  • Create a pledge letter and email it to your friends and family. It takes very little time and will reap great results. 
  • Download a sample pledge letter here.
  • Ask 10 friends to sponsor you for $20 each.
  • Or ask your friends how much they would pay to see you walk around the block in your bra. Then ask them how much they'd pay to see you walk 10 kilometers in your bra!
  • Have a garage sale or two--you know you've got a garage full of stuff you don't want. And if you don't, your friends certainly do!
  • Hold a raffle.
  • Ask a local business to sponsor you. Offer to wear their logo on the walk. 
  • Have a "product party" like PartyLite, Tupperware, or Pampered Chef and ask the representative to give your share of the event proceeds to the walk. 
  • Post a letter in the lunchroom at work asking for sponsors. 
  • Have a bake sale at work. 
  • Hold a car wash.
  • Put a donation jar out at work. Spare change is a painless way to give. 
  • Cook a group of friends dinner, explain why you're walking and ask them to give you what they would pay a restaurant for a night out. 
  • Challenge your friends to give up their fancy coffee for a month and sponsor you with that money.