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Why We Walk - Cole Neal - The Rat Pack
To Whom It May Concern,

You asked for letters of "why we walk", so here it goes. I walk for all those angels that have gone 
before us. I walk for the living angels that are among us. While there is a history of breast cancer 
in both mine and my husband's family, this walk is personal to me for so many reasons.

I didn't know about this local walk until March 16, 2014. As I was finishing my first 5K with my son 
and our friend, I looked up at the bridge we had to go under to reach the finish line. I spotted my 
husband and our youngest son immediately, then I saw that Yvonne King and her wonderful 
husband had joined my family on the bridge. She was there cheering for all of us, and my 
heart filled with so much joy.

Yvonne and I have known of each other for years, but this past year with her diagnosis, we have had some of the most uplifting chats of my life. She is my living angel. She is what my soul needs and finds on a regular basis. To have her cheering me on as I reached that finish line was true inspiration. This woman who has survived so much in the last year was there to show all of us support. Her love brightens my life.

She told me of the Bras for the Cause walk that day as I walked home from my run. I had signed up by the next night. I walk for those who have gone before, but this year I walk for my dear friend Yvonne. For the survivor in her makes those around her take up the call to action. Our team is The Rack Pack and each of us knows Yvonne and her wonderful spirit. She is a gift to each of us and this May 10th, I plan to celebrate the gift that is Yvonne King.  

It is a personal walk. It is with heavy heart that we walk for those we have lost, but it is with joy that we walk to celebrate those who are our "living angels." Early detection is making this disease one that can be survived, but we still have a long path ahead of us. With each participant, we are closer to cure. With each heart out there on May 10th we show that not a single person who has suffered from this has been forgotten, fallen or living.

I thank Yvonne for her friendship every time I see her and with this walk I have a chance to make a difference, for that I will forever be changed.  

Cole Neal
Team The Rack Pack
Cole Neal and Yvonne King