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Why We Walk - Cathy and Larry Seymour
I am honored to be walking this year in memory of my dear friend, Cindy-Ono Lam. April 1st marks my 15th year anniversary as a breast cancer survivor. Cindy and I had known each other for nearly 18 years when she passed away in December. Her oldest, Geofferey, and my son, Scott, were buddies from pre-school to high-school, through Eagle Scouts, sports and beyond. Cindy passed away on Scott's 22nd birthday, and Scott, my husband Larry and I firmly believe she'll forever be his angel.  

When Cindy was first diagnosed, I did what I could to support her through listening and trying to provide inspiration through her journey. And I kept up that support over the years. However, in true-Cindy fashion, she was the one who inspired and supported me and made me laugh and giggle. I always appreciated her and her family's hospitality. Though she may be gone, her magnificent smile, laugh and sense of mischief will never fade. So, I walk for Cindy and others on this journey...just because I can.  
Cindy-Ono Lam, Tammy Woolbright, Tina Pacodi, 
and Cathy Seymour
Cindy-Ono Lam, Cathy Seymour, and Pat Fern