Bra Decorating 101

This is where the fun really begins! Get out your glue gun, dig up your craft box with beads, sequins, and fabric paints and have a blast!

Click here to see shots of
two different bra decorating

Tri-Valley SOCKs Presents -
  Bras for the Cause
           Breast Cancer Walk

Tips from our "Pros"
Molded/padded cups may hold up to decorations better.  Consider buy bra at least two sizes larger around and 2 or more cup sizes bigger than what you normally wear.

Beware of gluing the elastic.  It will not stretch when the glue dries.  Consider ‘spot’ gluing it so it can still stretch or an find an alternative way of fastening it.

Beware of the underwire! (But you knew that already, right?) If you're using a sewing machine, the underwire is a formidable challenge to a sewing needle. Plastic and metal clips can give your poor needle a run for its money, too.

Hot glue is really hot! It can be your best friend when decorating, but it can really burn if you're not careful.

Lights are your friend! The walk is at night, so reflecting anything and battery operated lights are really a plus. You can see where you're going and everyone can see you comin'!